• cheree76

A little extra luxe! Biologi Introduces Br Organic Rosehip Oil.

I love our Hobby Farm and spending our weekends enjoying the fresh country air, the cattle and our very noisy Chinese Geese and Guinea Fowls. I get very grubby to say the least and there is nothing better than a long hot soak in the bath at the end of each day. My daily skincare routine is very simple - I clean my face with my favourite Konjac Red French Clay Face Sponge and apply my Biologi Serum (currently I am using the Bf Body Serum on my face).

Sometimes though I feel the need to add that something extra and richer to my face as I soak away the dirt and grime of the day. As I only use Biologi skin products now (I have no other skincare products at all - I did a purge when I realised through education that they are more harmful than good), my dilemma for some time was "What can I use that is rich on my skin for that special treat each week?"

Lucky me! Biologi have just launched their own Organic Rosehip Oil. Br Organic Rosehip Oil is the most natural, unrefined rosehip oil on the market and just perfect for that added richness on occasion. It delivers:

  • Hydration;

  • Vitamin A;

  • Vitamin E;

  • Fatty Acids; and

  • is also an Anti-Inflamatory. 

No nasties in there which means no harmful chemicals, no perfumes, not even water has been added. My skin feels absolutely amazing! What a great addition to the Biologi range. Combined with a Konjac Face Sponge for cleansing and exfoliating you will be glowing!