• Cheree McDermott

We found a NEW skincare serum, and we LOVE it!

I am very excited to write about our new retail product "Biologi." Our Konjac Sponge Co Australia is now 18 months old and growing nicely and we are so pleased with the great feedback we continue to receive.

However, for some time now I have been thinking it would be great to find a natural skincare range to compliment our facial sponges. You might think that sounds like an easy task. We have done all the Major Expos (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) so I feel like we are pretty on top of what is available in skincare. I have looked at about 20 different skincare lines but was not happy with results, ingredients etc. so my search has not been easy. So many lines make claims that are just not true when you break down their ingredients.

I then discovered, quite by accident "Biologi." I did some research and I bought the Luminosity Face Serum and began using it. I had done a lot of research on the products and the founder, Ross Macdougald, by this stage and knew what to expect in the first two weeks of use. I did feel a bit sticky and felt that the serum was not absorbing into my skin but I persisted. As predicted by Biologi, after two weeks my skin changed and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. It is absolutely glowing. My daughter and friends are also using the serums and everyone is loving it.

Biologi Serums are a world first formula created by Ross Macdougald (chemist) that is 100% active, organic and natural plant extract. No synthetics or fragrance. Biologi is made in Byron Bay, another plus for me as it is so good to be using local products. Another great benefit is that I now use 1 serum (Rejuvenation Eye Serum) on my entire face and that is my skincare routine complete. Cleanse with my sponge and add my serum. No night cream or eye cream just one product. Off course I use sunscreen on top of my serum. 

I am so totally happy to have found these products. I have definitely noticed in the past 18 months that so many customers have sensitive skin. I am not a Dr. or a skin specialist but I do wonder if people are becoming overly sensitive due to the chemicals that they are putting on their skin. Our skin is our largest organ and we need to be really pedantic as to what we put on it. I urge you all to go to the Biologi website and read the amazing Biologi story. (www.biologi.com.au.) I know I have found our perfect skincare companion!

Biologi Serums
Biologi Serums - Radically Rethinking Skincare!